travel, hawaii

It's been a couple of months since I was last on holiday so I was about ready for the next one.

I booked this last year just after my Malaysia trip. So I went to Hawaii in June, the beginning of their summer to get away from the cold Australian winter. Everything was pretty hectic going up to this so not much planning went into the trip and I had very little idea what to expect from Hawaii.


It was pretty hot all week; this was a nice change from the cold(ish) Sydney weather. It was a great opportunity to stock up on new clothes and games. There were a lot of pretty cheap shopping places, at least cheap compared to Sydney. A lot of time was spent on shopping.

The beaches were nice, especially some of the more remote ones which we could reach with the rental car we had for 2 days. It was a pretty great experience zooming around Hawaii in a Mustang. We didn't have much luck with our beach visits however, one was rained out, another was closed the day we decided to visit and then we got massively sunburnt on the last day.

Pearl Harbor was an interesting place to visit, the museums there were very interesting. We hit the aviation museum which had a lot of plans from various eras you could look around.

If I were to go back again I would definitely make time to visit the other islands.


development, node

It's been too long since I posted anything development related. So back to business I guess! This is a side project I started way too long ago and it has taken me far too long to get to this stage already. This is a porfolio website for my friend Nicola which I started midway through last year (pretty slack I know).

This is what it looks like:

It was the first time I'd worked with Node.js to do any project so there was a little bit of learning here. Thankfuly it didn't take me too long to get up to speed and productive in Node.

As this is a portfolio website and pretty simple I decided to play around with the image uploading and thumbnail creation. The following video is a demo of how this works on an earlier version of the site design. It's done with canvas and it was a pretty fun little feature to work on. I might write a little more about that later.

The site is a simple image and text store using mongodb for the database and s3 for file storage and it's running in Heroku. Like this site it's using as an image resizer and cache to improve the speed. The result is hopefully a nice little site that can be easilly updated.