A while back I moved from http://grhughes.com to http://garethrhugh.es and I wanted to start using the same email address and retire the old one. I have been using Google Apps for a long time on the old domain and I tried to add a second email to my account with no success. I couldn't get it to send an email without saying via grhughes.com and there was no sensible way to change domains. I also had a few other issues with Google such as them dropping push support notifiation for iOS a while ago.

So I decided to give Office 365 a try. I've been using it for a few days and these are some of my initial observations.


The setup process was terrible. It makes you sign up for a year and pay before you get to try the service at all. I had issues with payment failing which made me refresh the payment page (always worrying) then domain setup failed too which I couldn't fix without detleting all the setup and restarting.
Then it took a day for the OneDrive apps to let me sign in on iOS without popping up an error. At this point I was really regretting my decision.


Outlook.com is great, much better than gmail now I think. The interface looks more modern and performs really well.


This is the weakest part of the whole thing, OneDrive is not as good as Google Drive. The web interface is okay but the mobile offerings are not good at all. There's 2 apps, it's not clear which to use, they both seem to support different functionality and neither of them are very good.

Office Online

Office Online is really good so far, I have pretty light usage requirements but so far it seems better than the Google version.


2 factor auth is there which is nice, but it would be nice if you didn't need a different auth app for every service. I have at least 4 on my phone now. It's too much.

gaming, im-playing

After moving to Aus the amount of gaming I was doing dropped off quite a bit and I haven't played a serious amount of any MMO game in a good few years now either.

However, 2014 was much more stable for me than 2013 and the whole GamerGate thing triggered my passion for gaming again and I got back into gaming again in a big way towards the end of 2014. And these are the things i've been playing lately;

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Nobody expects the Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition is the big one here, I put over 80 hours into this on the PS4 and it's a spectacular return to form from Bioware.


I've been jumping in and out of Hearthstone when I have some free time over the last few weeks and it's good fun.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD

I missed this one the first time around so I'm trying to get into this, I've got through the intro but haven't revisited since. It's a bit of a slog, as I missed it the first time around it doesn't have the nostalgia value that 1.5 had for me.


This is a REALLY good little indie title that was released in 2010, I played it the first time around and put around 30 hours into it. It's a very unique game and something that is loads of fun. I revisited after seeing it mentioned a couple of times recently. Not sure I'll put another 30 hours into this, it's much less of a struggle this time around to make money as I still pretty much remember what to do. Still loads of fun though.

Pokemon Sapphire

What can I say here? It's Pokemon. I got sidetracked from this by Dragon Age so I haven't put as much time in to this as i'd like. But it's Pokemon, I can pick this up any time.

Wind Waker HD

Wind Waker is one of my favourite games of all time. Why for the love of God they couldn't add an invert Y-axis on the controls I do not know. This is the only thing stopping me really enjoying this game.

fitness, weight-loss

Towards the end of last year I refocussed on my fitness for the first time in a while. I've been seeing a personal trainer for a while and that has helped a lot with my flexibility and overall fitness but I'd really made no effort to lose the rest of my weight since moving to Australia.

I dedicated a few months to it towards the end of 2014 and dropped from 103kg to 92kg which I'm sitting at now. As usual Christmas and new years weren't amazing for my diet so progress stopped.

Progress pic

I've had weight issues as long as I can remember and at my worst I was over 150kg in 2007, I started to lose the weight in 2008. So on to 2015, what I'm aiming for this year is to pick up where I left off and finally drop under 90kg. Hopefully reaching 85kg by the end of the year if not sooner.


I'm pretty late to the game here having only recently started playing this. I tried it when it first came out of beta but didn't give it much time as it didn't really grab me. After the expansion I decided to give it another try, my PC gaming options right now are really limited so this was a great option.

I've always been interested in card games, I used to play and collect pokemon cards (badly) when I was in school, and this is something I've started up again recently. I've collected quite a few, I've not got to the point of building my own decks from scratch though. The online version of this is fun but lacks polish and I found deck building to be quite difficult.

At Penny Arcade Expo in Melbourne in November I took part in a learning to play Magic the Gathering promo where you battle with a cut down deck to learn the rules and get a discount on a full deck then battle with this. While this was really fun, overall Magic doesn't feel all that accessible and seems like it would be a huge investment of time and money.


Hearthstone on the other hand feels way less complex and way more accessible, especially for someone who doesn't want to spend too much time and money. It has Blizards usual polish and is based on Warcraft which makes it more understandable to a recovering WoW addict like myself. The different play styles provided by the different classes makes it very interesting and add a lot of replay value.