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My first holiday of the 2015 was to Japan. I went at the end of March.

Last time I went to Japan was just for the Formula 1 in Suzuka 2013, it was a great experience but I was only there for a few days. This time I wanted to see more of Japan.

I landed in Tokyo an met up with Miyu then we stayed in some AirBnB. The next morning we headed to Kyoto for a few days. We saw a bunch of Temples, ate a lot of amazing food and saw the cherry blossom.

Next up we went back to Tokyo, where it was time for some nerdy stuff. We went to the Final Fantasy 14 Cafe then a maid cafe in Akihabara, before heading to the Pokemon centre and the LINE store. I picked up a bunch of stuff from the Pokemon centre.

After Tokyo we went to Sendai, which is where we spent the rest of the trip. We visited Sendai city, Matsushima, A Whisky distillery where I bought a nice class and a nice bottle of Whiksy thena traditional Japanese Hotel and hot spring which was amazing.

After that we returned to Tokyo for the last day, where we went to the Final Fantasy merchandise store and cafe. I picked up a cool Final Fantasy 7 necklace and a Keyblade keyring.


At the start of the year I decided to refocus my fitness goals, I've had some ups and downs especially with the diet but I'm still making progress. I've been training twice a week with my personal trainer and doing more focus on body weight exercise. My flexibility has improved greatly, I still have a lot of work to do in this area but progress is being made.

This is another piece of motivation I found on Facebook.

Weight however is still my main goal, at the start of the year I was sitting at 92kg, I've dropped down to 85kg recently. I'm still focusing on my diet, in recent weeks i've started tracking calorie intake with MyFitnessPal and keeping under 2000 calories per day. I don't really have a weight number in mind currently, just stubborn belly fat to lose which hopefully will come off without leaving any loose skin.

On the training side of things I'm currently training 4 times a week, 2 additional on top of my PT sessions and seeing an osteopath once a fortnight. The last year I've been focussing mostly on flexibility and correctional exercises. Recently started developing upper body strength more and taking protein supplements. Working on deadlifts, chin-ups and dips. I want to start climbing and maybe swimming in the near future.

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So I picked up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD yesterday. I really realy wanted to like it. (I've not played the FFXV demo yet, it's not available in Australia currently).

So I played this for 2 hours, in this 2 hours there's probably about 30 minutes of actual gameplay. What I think is wrong with modern Final Fantasy games.

Compare this, Final Fantasy 7 which is one of the best in the series;

2 minutes, 2 whole minutes and we're going.

Then we have this:


By the time we're dropped into the game it's been over 15 minutes, plus it took about 25 seconds before they started to drop words with no explanation. It's too much, too fast and I found myself just checking my phone for most of the intro. Also most of the game so far seems to be cutscenes.

Pace this shit better please. Hopefully Final Fantasy 15 is better than this.